In 1963 Fleischmann brought the model of the E 69 series branch line locomotive as a Swedish variant with a red-brown plastic housing with the catalog number 1302R as a novelty.

At the same time, this locomotive was offered as an Americanized version as a novelty for the US market.

Compared to the 1302R locomotive, only the two headlights on the US locomotive are colored. The locomotive also has NRMA couplers. But the most important difference is the lack of buffers. The buffer beam on the US locomotive is closed and the places where the buffer holes are otherwise are covered. This makes the locomotive tamper-proof, ie a 1302C cannot be converted from the 1302R.

The locomotive was only sold in the USA. The locomotive was probably mainly offered in train packs. According to the American Catalog 1963/64, the locomotive was offered individually. 

According to the US catalog, the locomotive is labeled „NH“. However, the locomotive was not manufactured with this lettering.

 1302R 1963 Electric locomotive E 69 in US version with NRMA couplers, closed buffer beams, only 2 colored headlights (29/3)
 1302/2 1963 „The Commuter“ Train Set 
 1302/3 1963 „The Steeple Jack“ Train Set

American Catalog 1963/64

Last edit: 08/12/2016

American Catalog 1963/64