In the 1950’s and early 1960’s,  „Sakai Seisakusho Ltd.“ Tokyo/Japan  US freight cars manufactured and sold in USA which closely resemble the box and refrigerator cars manufactured by Fleischmann.

The bodies of the wagons and the underside of the wagons are exactly copied from the Fleischmann models. However, other railway companies were chosen.
The wagons are simpler than the Fleischmann wagons and cost correspondingly less. A purchase price of 99 cents is indicated on a box I have.

Although not manufactured by Fleischmann, the wagons are an addition to a comprehensive Fleischmann collection.
The Sakai wagons are much rarer than Fleischmann’s US freight wagons and are therefore priced higher.

8 different wagons were made:

Refrigerator car „Canadian National“ #CN 24015 Silver
walls with brown lettering, roof, end walls and floor dark brown

Box car „New Haven“ #NH 512
walls orange, roof, end walls and floor dark brown

Box car „Baltimore&Ohio“ #24520
Walls blue/orange, roof, bulkheads and floor blue.
The rarest Sakai car.
Refrigerator car „North Western“ #520
walls yellow/green, roof, end walls and floor brown

Refrigerator car „Railway Express Agency“ #0475200
Car walls dark green, roof, end walls and floor green


Box car „State of Maine“ #25702
Car walls blue/white/red End
walls, roof and floor brown
Refrigerator car „Pacific Fruit Express“ #4025
Car walls yellow, roof, end walls and floor brown
Box car „BM“ #522
Car walls blue, roof, end walls and floor dark blue
Underside of
the car This is an exact replica of the Fleischmann models. The bogies are simpler and made of plastic. Small plastic wheels. Bottom embossing: „Made in Japan“




The 8 wagons were also sold in the USA in a set together with 4 hopper cars, which are similar to the Fleischmann wagons 1437 and 1438, but are 8 mm shorter and therefore look a little less to scale.

The set has the catalog number 578/116.

sakaib&o.jpg (8943 bytes)

Hopper car B&O

Hopper car Wabash

Hopper car N&W

Hopper car NYC

I would like to thank the following for their kind assistance: 
Jean Francois Richard, USA