In 1955 Fleischmann brought out the first railcars, first in brown color based on the Swedish State Railways SJ, which also sold well in the USA, and then a year later in red/beige livery (Munich railcar).

The railcars were offered as electric railcars, diesel railcars and double diesel railcars.

There was probably no direct model for these railcars.

The railcars have a plastic housing, which unfortunately tends to crack at the ends. Furthermore, the paint does not adhere very well to the plastic and can flake off.
These cracks occur due to stresses caused by temperature fluctuations (possibly improper storage) or when the mounting screws are over-tightened.
Remedy: Loosen the fastening screws and, if necessary, file down the weights (lead weights) on the front parts.

The railcars 1370-1371 are among the most popular Fleischmann collector’s items.

1370B.gif (917 bytes)

From USA catalog 1955

1370B-1 Wagon body without inscriptions.

catalog no.

construction timedescription
1370B-1a1955Electric railcar, car body brown, without inscriptions. Bogies without „Fleischmann“, beige roof. (A1/5)
1370B-1b1955Bogies with „Fleischmann“ (A1/5)
1370B-21956With address „AB414“ (A1/6)




1370B-2 with address


catalog no.

construction timedescription
1371B-11955-Diesel-hydraulic railcar, brown, dark gray roof, without inscriptions. (A1/5; A6/5)
1371B-2 now with addresses
1371/1B-11955-Diesel-hydraulic double railcar consisting of 1371B and a control car. (A1/5) without addresses 
1371/1B-2      -56now mi addresses


1371B-1 control car

1370R-1a 2nd/3rd Small roof beige

catalog timedescription
1370R-1a1956-Electric railcar 2nd/3rd Kl. red/beige. Wagon class black on a white background. roof beige. Train route sign „Munich“
1370R-1b1956-Roof gray (A1/5)
1370R-22/2 class2nd/2nd Small car class white on a black background.


1st/2nd Small roof silver


catalog timedescription
1371R-11956-58/59Diesel-hydraulic railcar, red/beige, train destination sign „München“, 2nd/3rd Small roof grey
1371R-21959/601st/2nd Class, silver roof
1371/1R-11956-58/59Diesel-hydraulic double railcar consisting of 1371R and a control car. 2nd/3rd Kl., roof grey
1371/1R-21959/601st/2nd class, silver roof

Sidecar for 1371/1R

Please note when purchasing: All railcar housings are very fragile due to the plastic available at the time of production. The car bodies tear on the front and rear sides and are then often repaired there. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the parts described, as damage there greatly reduces the value.

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