In the 1953 catalog the locomotive was announced as follows:

Electric shunting locomotive  (replica of the Ee 3/3 of the Swiss Federal Railways) wheel arrangement C with correctly working jackshaft and coupling rods, front and rear headlights, spring-loaded model pantograph, switchable to catenary or sub-line operation, worm drive, thus slow shunting possible, newer DC motor with extraordinarily smooth running, locomotive body painted green, automatic coupling at the front and rear. Length over the buffers 12 cm.
Drive:  14 volt DC, motor with high-quality permanent steel magnets, power approx .“

As was usual in the 1950s, various variants arose during production, which were sought after by dedicated collectors.

From 1956 the locomotive was then manufactured for the Scandinavian market in brown livery as the 1330B. These brown locomotives were also exported a lot to the USA, since some regional railway companies also used brown locomotives there.

variantconstruction timevariant
1330G-11953Tin pantograph , large K1 coupling  , silver buffers,  blue-green roofclosed chassis , light green housing
1330G-21953-54Wire pantographK 2 , bottom printed „Oil here“,  white or gray panto plate  (A1/4)
1330G-3a1954-57Chassis open, white, light green or dark green panto plates  (13/7; 18/7)
1330G-3b1957with  switching mushroom, dark green panto plate
1330G-41958-61Silver colored roof, dark green panto plate





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