Hammer Autos

The double-deck car transporter, catalog number 1472, was loaded with plastic cars from the Hammer company from Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland region.

These cars had different prototypes, which again were made in a variety of colors. This has resulted in a separate collection area, which I think belongs to Fleischmann.

The Hammer cars that the Fleischmannwagen were loaded with mostly had white roofs and dark gray wheels. The roofs can be shiny or marbled.

There are also models with white and light gray wheels. The roofs can also be colored, like the BMW 507 model in lemon yellow with a red roof. This is glued to a 1425 from 1960.

A very good and comprehensive treatise on Hammer Autos can be found here:  Slide Player

I try to list these cars and the corresponding color variants here. If you also have a car from this manufacturer that is not shown here, please send me a photo.

1.Mercedes 220S


2. BMW 507


3. Opel station wagon


4. Volkswagen Karman Ghia


5. Mercedes Benz 300 SL

 hammer5 light green

6. DKW 1000

 (6.) VW Beetle 1200 model from the early 1950s.


7. Borgward Isabella Coupe


8. Opel Captain 58



I would like to thank the following for their cooperation:

Holger Drucks, Moers

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