1. Role Model

From 1954 to 1966, NOHAB in Sweden and AFB in Belgium built large diesel locomotives with the Co’Co‘ wheel arrangement under license from General Motors (GM).

These locomotives, also known as „Rundsnuten“, were used in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Hungary.

2. Models

Fleischmann made models of these locomotives from 1961 to today for the various railway administrations:

catalog no.railway administrationconstruction time
1385 (4270)SNCB1961-
1385D (4271)DPO1962-75


catalog no.construction timedescription
1385-1a1961-65/66Operation no. 202 016 SNCB, 2 headlights, light gray roof
1385-2a1965re -No. 204 006 SNCB, 3 headlights, roof grey/black, side inscription  „75V“  (10/5)
1385-2b1966-75now  without  „75V“
42701982-re -No. 5201 SNCB


From 1962 to 1975, Fleischmann manufactured models of the DSB My 11 series for model railroaders in Denmark, first under catalog number 1385D and after the number change in 1971 with catalog numbers 4271 and 4273.

catalog no.construction timedescription
1385D-1a1962-1964Company number My 1105,  2 headlightsroof and bogies light gray  (7/3; 7/4)


Roof and bogies in anthracite colour
1385D-21965-1966Company number My 1105,  3 headlights , roof anthracite -colored
(extremely rare!) (10/5)
1385D-3a1966-Company number My 1108, black roof, anthracite bogies (14/6)
1385D-3b (4271)


Roof anthracite , impeller and car number sticker smaller 
(6/7; 2/8)


1385D-1a light gray bogies

1385D-2; 3 lamp version




Under the catalog number 1385L, Fleischmann manufactured two models of this locomotive with different road numbers in the colors of the Luxembourg railway company CFL from 1963 to 1967.
These locomotives, each only available in an edition of 250 pcs. were produced and probably only sold in Luxembourg are certainly among the rarest and most sought-after Fleischmann models.

catalog no.construction timedescription
1385L-11963/64Company number CFL 1604, 2 headlights, roof burgundy (7/3)
1385L-21966/67Road number CFL 1602, 3 headlights, roof grey/black



catalog no.construction timedescription
42721976-81/82Diesel locomotive BR 204 SNCB, operation -No. 5202

4273.gif (1019 bytes)

catalog no.construction timedescription
4273-11976-82Diesel locomotive BR My 11 of the DSB, betr. -No. My 1144, matte finish
4273-21982-like -1 but glossy finish


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